Do the Dareyami! | Sentoku Junmai | Saké Reivew

Sentoku Shuzō is Miyazaki's only sake brewery that solely makes sake despite the warm climate regarded as not ideal. Its junmai has citrusy and ricey notes that pair well with food.

Do the Dareyami! | Sentoku Junmai | Saké Reivew

Citrusy and Ricey

First, you might notice the sharp citrusy notes, then soft ricey notes behind. Chilled, gentle, refreshing orange hint appears, then lactic notes such as yogurt and cream cheese, and aromas reminiscent of polished rice and apricot kernel. The dry impression is covered with a smooth flow of sweetness, acidity, bitterness, and lingering umami. 

Slightly warmed, the lively face of the sake appears. So as that of drinkers. Warmed more, the orange aroma appears again with other flavors well-balanced. Recommended to drink chilled or slightly warmed. I would pair it with sweet-and-salty dishes such as teriyaki or Thai fries with sweet chili sauce.

Miyazaki's Characteristic Drinking Culture "Dareyami"

Dareyami reads, "fatigue relief." What would relieve your exhaustion? Certainly, drinks. Cultural geographer Nakamura Shūsaku, based in Miyazaki, describes "dareyami" not merely as an evening drink but as the region's epitome of unparalleled culinary culture as sake and food relieve fatigue, of course, but more importantly, drinking after work is a ritual utilizing the power of sacred sake to draw closer to the divine[2].

Dareyami is not merely a local custom but a compass of life for sake lovers. Make your evening drinking special time. Enjoy the flavors, stop devouring, get tipsy, and think fondly (a little bit) about the rice harvest and artisans' enormous efforts.

Tasted at Kyoto in November 2019.

On the Label

Brewer: Sentoku Shuzō at Nobeoka, Miyazaki
Type: Junmai, ABV: 15%
Rice: not specified (60% polishing ratio)


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