Warmed Sake is Hospitality | Furosen Umakan | Saké Review

Kanzake, or warmed sake, warms up our souls. Furōsen Umakan was born to be warmed and, of course, marries well with winter dishes.

Warmed Sake is Hospitality | Furosen Umakan | Saké Review

Kanzake is Hospitality

It is fun for geeks to seek the flavor difference when warming sake, especially at home serving to oneself. But sometimes, drinking in izakayas or sake bars is good for discovering another facet of sake culture.

On that chilly night, the izakaya master served a brew warmer than usual, prioritizing hospitality over flavor perfection, ensuring it warmed both body and soul.

Guests are expected to call the waiter with the tiny Karate-Kid drum.

Warming up, Cooling down

Full-bodied and in good shape, the kanzake had a mellow texture and crisp finish with citrusy acidity and a ginger note, followed by more afternotes of hay and brown rice. As it cools down, the peppery notes appear, which appitized me. I enjoyed how the umami gradually but firmly spread in my oral cavity.

Red katakuchi (sake vessel used for pouring sake) matches well with the label of the sake.

Food Pairing

This sake pairs exceptionally well with foods cooked with dashi broth. You might be aware of the riceyness of the sake when paired with ohitashi, boiled greens mixed and dressed with dashi. Another good part is that this kanzake and spicy foods would be a devoted couple. For example, cauliflower seasoned with turmeric.

Tasted at Ikkon Uru-uru (Kyoto, Kyoto) in December 2022.

On the Label

Brewer: Uehara Shuzō at  Takashima, Shiga
Type: Yamahai, Junmai, ABV: 15%
Rice: Kinu Hikari (65% polishing ratio)