Sake Concierge Umio's Favorite Places to Taste Saké in Downtown Kyoto

Sake Concierge Umio recommends places to taste sake in Kyoto.

Sake Concierge Umio's Favorite Places to Taste Saké in Downtown Kyoto

Here is the list of places Sake Concierge Umio enjoys drinking sake in Kyoto. All of them are places I have visited multiple times and guided my friends and guests. Umio's sake tours, of course, include some of them.

Please refer to the Google Maps link for the location, price range, and opening hours.


Sasaki Shuzō Brewery

The brewery uses the same water source as the court brewery of the eighth century and offers brewery tours.

The website is in Japanese, but it does English brewery tours.

Matsui Shuzō Brewery

The contemporary tasting room and lovely brewery tours.


Standing Bars

Ikura Mokuzai

Charcoal-grilled foods and sake.

Sake Cube

A variety of sakes from all over Japan.

Kyō no Haru Tokubetsu Junmai Nama Genshu | Saké Review
This slightly aged brew has a harmonized taste of nama and a pleasant mature flavor.



Amazing aged sake. I learned a lot about aged sake from the gentle barmaster.

常温熟成と上原酒造 クレオパトラのわすれもの|日本酒テイスティングノート

Sake Bar Asakura

Excellent warmed sake and aged sake. Excellent hospitality.

Jam + Sake Bar

Sakes chilled to warm from various regions, but don't forget to ask the barmaster what's in his stash.

Masuya Saketen and Sake Hall Masuya

Casual sake bar with a wide variety of sake from all over the country.

There is a sister-izakaya Sake Hall Masuya with a larger capacity.

Washu Mizuki

The barmaster in Kimono serves sakes of Shiga Prefecture, her birthplace.

Cafe Koan Kissaco

This cafe offers tea and sake paired with wagashi, Japanese-style confectioneries.

Bar K6

An authentic Western-style bar serves whiskey, spirits, and cocktails. Yet, their sake cocktails are great.

Izakayas, Restaurants, and Kaiseki

Ikkon Uru-uru

The lineups of Kyoto and Shiga sakes satisfy both sake connoisseurs and beginners. Enjoy the local cuisines of both areas and excellent hospitality. Easy to access from both Kyoto station and the Shijō downtown area.

Warmed Sake is Hospitality | Furosen Umakan | Saké Review
Kanzake, or warmed sake, warms up our souls. Furōsen Umakan was born to be warmed and, of course, marries well with winter dishes.

Sobaya Nicolas

High-quality soba. Sake and wine.

Chisō Inaseya

It is the best place to enjoy muroka-nama-genshu (unfiltered, unpasteurized, and undiluted sake) in the Kansai region. Trained chefs of Japanese cuisine offer excellent food pairings.

Shinomine Rokumaru Junmai Ginjo Usunigori Nama Genshu | Saké Review
It was fun tasting the slightly dissimilar sake of the same type but different ingredient rice.
Tamagawa Ice Breaker (Home Aged for Eight Years) | Saké Review
Home-aged unpasteurized sake of Tamagawa.


The owner concentrates on four breweries: full-bodied ricey sake and umami-rich food: a match made in heaven.

Nihonshu-ya Shūroku

Hefty full-bodied sake served warmed with excellent cuisine with seafood.


Authentic Japanese cuisine with Kan-zake (warmed sake).

Gion Kitazato

In the heart of the Gion district. Delightful sake selection and authentic Japanese cuisine.

And more...

Kamogawa River

Drinking sake with friends on the riverside of Kamogawa River,  Kyoto's most admired spot, is so pleasant.


Kyoto has Fushimi, one of the most prominent sake production places in the northern part. The list of Fushimi is coming soon. Meanwhile, please look at the podcast Sake Concierge Umio talked about the fascination of Fushimi and places to visit.

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